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February 16 2015

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I watched divergent finally and I liked it but also I find the premise very strange even for a dystopian YA series

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staring out windows through windows

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Padmé Amidala | Funeral Dress AKA “The Water Gown” | Revenge of the Sith

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Reblog with your past urls in the tags

Peter Parker doesn’t matter anymore.

Peter Parker was the nerdy and awkward teen outcast who got to be a superhero. This was relatable to comic book readers (and later cartoon viewers) who self identified as outsiders and who didn’t see themselves in the other larger than life superheroes like Captain America. Parker might have worked in the 1960s and the decades that followed but in 2015, it’s hard to see a cisgender, straight white guy as a visible outcast. Stories and characters need to evolve which is why we got an African-American Annie as opposed to the red-head we all know. The red-headed Annie no longer makes sense for the story that needed to be told TODAY, when a black girl is more likely to embody who Annie is in relation to the society that surrounds her.

Marvel Studios Gets A Crack At Spider-Man: Why Both Studios Need A Fresh Take On The Web Slinger
(via womenwriteaboutcomics)
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"did you read the-" No.

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sad about not living in nyc what else is new

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Gone Girl (2014)

February 15 2015

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Benjamin Jarvis

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idle animations in crash bandicoot: warped
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Perry Ellis F/W 2015 Menswear New York Fashion Week

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